Pre-owned vehicles are frequently neglected by purchasers for shiny new models. For some individuals, used autos may wind up being a superior alternative for them.

Hasneen Jalil

Typically when you think of a used car you think of a rusty clunker that will fall apart in the blink of an eye. In reality, pre-owned vehicles can be of great quality and look just as nice as any new car. When looking over your vehicle options, make sure to forget about the negative connotation and remember these main benefits of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle over a new one.

Should I get a Used Car over New Ones?

Commonly when you think about a pre-owned cars you think about a corroded clunker that will go into disrepair in a matter of seconds. Actually, used vehicles can be of extraordinary quality and look similarly as pleasant as any new vehicles. When investigating your vehicle choices, make a point to disregard the negative meaning and recall these fundamental advantages of obtaining a used vehicle over new cars.

What is the Depreciation Value of Used Cars?

No matter if you buy a new or used car, it will continue to depreciate the same way. The fact is, new cars continue to lose value for four more years, averaging a decline of 15-25 percent per year. On average, 60 percent of its total value will be lost over the first five years of its life for new vehicles.

Therefore, if you buy a fairly new used car you won’t take that first-year sudden drop in value, but you will see it devalue gradually over 5 years — very much like new vehicles.

Are there Extensive Selection of Used Cars in Canada?

Ultimately, most dealerships will carry a larger array of pre-owned vehicles than new models. A wider selection gives you a better chance of finding the car that has exact specifications to meet your needs. If you choose to get a used vehicle, you will never limited to choosing between a handful of brand new cars and end up stuck with something you are unhappy with.

How can I Get Approved for Used Cars in Canada?

Whether you choose to run with a new or used model, our credit experts will be able to get you in any vehicle of your choosing. Regardless of your credit score and credit history, you will have options! Just because your financial record isn’t flawless, that doesn’t imply that you will wind up driving a vehicle that isn’t right for you. Truth be told, in the event that you have terrible credit or no credit, we will work with you to get you the best rates possible.

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